Savate School Directory

Registered member schools of the United States Savate Federation.

State City School
California Valencia Ekata Training Center
Florida Sarasota West Coast Martial Arts Academy
Illinois Chicago Degerberg Academy
Illinois Chicago Kensho Martial Arts
Illinois Chicago Titan Gym
New Hampshire Manchester Ecole de Combat USA
Maryland Columbia Maryland Savate and La Canne

USSF Member Technical Ranking

Last Name First Name State USSF RANK
Audrain Peter IL Blue Glove
Balicki Ron CA Silver Glove
Balicki Diana CA Silver Glove
Boykov Ivo IL Silver Glove
Brenka Daniel IL Blue Glove
Cannon Gabriel Blue Glove
Chan Brenda IL Green Glove
Chow Shane IL Green Glove
Clemmons James CA Blue Glove
Cruz Osmar IL White Glove
Curran Robert Red Glove
Evans Stephanie IL Red Glove
Frazier Justin IL White Glove
Fredericks Todd IL White Glove
Hoos Jim IL Blue Glove
Ilic Michael IL Silver Glove
Ingram Eva IL Green Glove
Kilman Piper IL White Glove
King Brenda CA White Glove
Kostetsky Mikhail Blue Glove
Kumar Shanthi IL Green Glove
Luri Vincent IL Green Glove
Luri Louis IL White Glove
Luri Christine IL Red Glove
Maloney Amiel IL Green Glove
McDonnell Rosemary IL Silver Glove
McGinn Laura IL Green Glove
McGuire Don CO Silver Glove
Miller Troy Silver Glove
Miller Jeremy CA White Glove
Monaghan Ed CA Silver Glove
Niekra Lindsay IL Green Glove
Prisni Lora Green Glove
Quigley David Red Glove
Rodriguez Augustine Blue Glove
Roeske Jim CA Blue Glove
Saignac Nicolas Silver Glove
Saldivar Fabiola IL Blue Glove
Savoie Steve Silver Glove
Schwartz Steve Blue Glove
Solis Hector CA Red Glove
Suslik Anastassiya IL Red Glove
Tafoya Daniel NV Red Glove
Tan Alexandra CA Blue Glove
Traballano Eugenio NH Silver Glove
Ward Robert IL Blue Glove
Wood Matthew CO White Glove