Savate Glove Ranking System

Rank Structure in Savate Grades are represented by a patch worn on the Integrale or training clothes of the Savateur.

Technical ranks: blue, green, red, white, yellow, Technical Silver 1, 2, 3 (extremely rarely awarded).

Competition ranks: Bronze and Competition Silver (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). Competition ranksare awarded based on the number of wins/ losses.

USSF Technical Progression Preamble to the Federal technical progressionThe Federal technical progression has been designed in order to develop a coherent and systematic way of learning Savate Boxe Francaise. The technical choices that follow are intended to favor the progress of a striker in a situation against an opponent while executing with correct form. The Savate technical progression is seton a graduated scale from Kangaroo level to Silver Glove 3, following this order:

Initiation Level: Blue and Green Gloves

Mastering Level: Yellow Glove

Expert Level: Technical Silver 1 °, 2 °, 3 °

Color gloves (blue, green, red, white) are issued by a jury composed of at least two instructors in possess of the USSF moniteur diploma (2nd Level Instructor). Exceptionally, they can be issued by the responsible Club instructor (he/she needs to possess a USSF monitor diploma). The yellow glove is issued by a jury of two USSF moniteurs, of which one is representative of the USSF Technical Advisory Committee.

For Technical Silver Gloves (1, 2, and 3), at least three representative of the USSF Technical Advisory Committee with same or higher rank will need to process the exam.

USSF Technical Glove

Member Ranking

Silver Glove
  • Balicki, Ron (CA)
  • Balicki, Diana (CA)
  • Boykov,Ivo (IL)
  • Dobbins, Jack (CA)
  • Ilic, Michael (IL)
  • Isidro, Joel (CA)
  • Lee, Michael (NJ)
  • Luri, Roger (IL)
  • Locke, James (CA)
  • Locke, Nicky (CA)
  • Lyons, Meredith (IL)
  • McGuireDon, (CO)
  • Meadows, John (CA)
  • Miller,Troy (CO)
  • Monaghan, Ed (CA)
  • Rothwell, Jeffery (CA)
  • Saignac, Nicolas -2 ° (CA)
  • Savoie, Steve (MD)
  • Traballano, Eugenio -2 °(NH)
  • Wabisca, Joanne (CA)
  • Znajda, Greg (IL)
Yellow Glove
  • Cruz, Osmar (IL)
  • Fredericks, Todd (IL)
  • Garland, Cooper (IL)
  • Kilman, Piper (IL)
  • Locke, John (CA)
  • Luri, Louis (IL)
  • Siordia, Randy (IL)
  • Wang, Max (NJ)
White Glove
  • Evans, Stephanie (IL)
  • Frazier, Justin (IL)
  • Graham, Mike (IL)
  • Luri, Christine (IL)
  • King, Brenda (CA)
  • Miller, Jeremy (CA)
  • Wood, Matthew (CO)
Red Glove
  • Chow, Shane (IL)
  • Curran, Robert (NH)
  • Fletter, Eric (IL)
  • Luri, Vincent (IL)
  • Maloney, Amiel (IL)
  • Nguyen, Peter (NV)
  • Patti, Kevin (IL)
  • Paynes, Chas (IL)
  • Quigley, David (CA)
  • Solis, Hector (CA)
  • Suslik, Anastassiya (IL)
  • Tafoya, Dan (NV)
  • Tafoya, Daniel (NV)
Green Glove
  • Bass, Barry (IL)
  • Camara, Darius (IL)
  • Chan, Brenda (IL)
  • Clemmons, James (CA)
  • Corbitt, Willie (IL)
  • Cortez, Martin (IL)
  • Cross, David (IN)
  • Derrig, James (IL)
  • Imhoff, Daniel (IL)
  • Ingram, Eva (IL)
  • Jones, Ryan (IL)
  • Kauzlaric, Christopher (IL)
  • Kesse, Michelle (IL)
  • Kumar, Shanthi (IL)
  • McDonnell, Rosemary (IL)
  • McGinn, Laura (IL)
  • Nguyen, Peter (CA)
  • Niekra, Lindsay (IL)
  • Phelps, Michael (IL)
  • Prisni, Lora
  • Rowers, Chase (IL)
  • Sievers, Darin (IL)
  • White, Daniel (IL)
  • Yeager, Bryan (IL)
Blue Glove
  • Ali, Andres (IL)
  • Brenka, Daniel (IL)
  • Botla, Madhavi (IL)
  • Cannon, Gabriel (CA)
  • Carlson, Henry (IL)
  • Clay, Nathan (IL)
  • Gudgeon, Ricky (IL)
  • Hoos, Jim (IL)
  • Hubbard, Richard (NH)
  • Kaslow, Yerik (IL)
  • Kostetsky, Mikhail (IL)
  • Lavin, Mikel (IL)
  • Mendoza, Christine (IL)
  • Migliaccio, Renato (CA)
  • Park, Bryan (IL)
  • Pierce, Steeg (IL)
  • Rodriguez, Augustine (IL)
  • Roeske, Jim (CA)
  • Saldivar, Fabiola (IL)
  • Schwartz, Steve (FL)
  • Smith, Daryl (IL)
  • Sprock, Adam (OK)
  • Tan, Alexandra (CA)
  • Yeager, Bryan (IL)
  • Ward, Robert (IL)